Personal Leadership Style

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Leaders in every organization are charged with the task of leading followers to achieve corporate goals and mission. Even more, leadership style and approach can ultimately affect the success or failure of any organization (Jamaludin, Rahman, Makhbul, & Idris, 2011). Therefore, possessing a “strong and effective leadership creates high involvement and shared commitment that stimulates people to overcome obstacles to achieving maximum results” (Jamaludin, Rahman, Makhbul, & Idris, 2011, p. 74). One such leadership style, which can effectively achieve such a goal, is the transformational leader. I feel this is the style of leadership which I call upon each day in many situations.
Further, a transformational leader is one that results in committed and motivated followers, clearly communicates the corporate vision, garners loyalty and trust from followers, and motivates followers to rise to a higher level of performance (Jamaludin, Rahman, Makhbul, & Idris, 2011). As our organization goes through major growth and change, striving to clearly communicate our mission to my staff and ke...
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