Personal Guidelines And Spiritual Life

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Personal Guidelines and Spiritual Life The life of a pastor is very demanding. One needs to be intentional about setting priorities centered on putting God first, family second, and career third. Then, guidelines need to be set for maintaining and growing relationships with God and family. Life is never as easy as it appears on paper, but, these guidelines will enable the pastor to know where the starting point is to get back on track, restore the relationships in their life and have the best chance of staying refreshed and invigorated in their ministry.
Avoiding Neglect
It can be easy for a pastor to get so busy with their work that they neglect the very relationships they value the most; God and family. To help make the job easier,
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Some days this is for them, other days it is to remind the pastor (Mintle, n.d., p. ...Helpful Hints).
• Schedule time for their spouse at least once a week. This can be a date night or even just a few minutes to check in with one another. This needs to be time dedicated to focusing in on the needs of one another. If work interferes, commit to reschedule within the same week to be sure each other’s needs are met and frustrations are not allowed to fester.
Spiritual Life To properly lead others into an intimate relationship with God, a pastor must set the example every day in their own walk with Christ.
• Start each day with a time of prayer, confession and meditation. Sometimes this will mean rising in the middle of the night. Being open and honest with God while being obedient to his commands will be beneficial to all areas in a minister’s live.
• Spend times in God’s word, not to study or prepare, but just to soak it in. Kierkegaard (2002) likens this time to be like reading a letter from a lover. It makes ones pulse race with excitement, anxious to spend a treasured moment with their beloved and willing to do their bidding (Kierkegaard, 2002, p.