Personal Growth : Privilege And Oppression

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Personal Growth 3 Privilege and Oppression go hand in hand. Some people get more of one than the other. What is privilege and how has it affected me? How could I build a society that maintains these equal among everyone. Privileges The following are characteristics that apply to me and how they have affected me. I am a woman. As a woman, I hold the privilege of being assumed to be much more innocent and less likely to try to do something to harm another person. Even so I have been assumed as being weak, emotional, irrational, and unreliable when it comes to things of importance. I am a Latina woman. This makes it so that people might assume that I don’t have papers and may even cause people to believe that I don’t know English well enough. This hasn’t been much of a problem for me at this moment, but I can see it becoming a problem as I get older. Younger Latinas like me are usually seen as being the generation that should know English having grown up here, yet older Latinas may be seen as being illiterate in English. As a Mexican American, there is little privilege here. The only privilege I could receive is going to Mexico and not being questioned as much as if I were a visibly white woman. Here in the US the only privileges could be getting scholarships targeted at Mexican American students. When it comes to work I might be seen as less competent than my co-workers although I may be bilingual. As a gay woman, I may not have the same comfort in being open about my relationship compared to heterosexuals. I will also be at risk of getting attacked only due to my sexual orientation. I do have some privileges in my case. I don’t seem like the stereotypical gay woman so people might assume I am straight and not bother me. This i... ... middle of paper ... though. For example, I usually travel with some sort of protection, let it be a pocketknife or my pepper spray and am especially wary when out with my girlfriend. I have also noticed that I tend to act much more aggressively when surrounded by more men than women, especially at school. If I am in a class full of men I tend to be more vocal in order to prove I am as smart as any man while I tend to just sit back if there are women. On the upside I use my knowledge of Spanish and openness to religion to my advantage. I have greater job opportunities because of my Spanish while I can also get along with most people regardless of their religious background. My knowledge of Spanish has also been a great booster in self-esteem, being seen as trustworthy when it comes to helping with translating conversations, especially if these conversations may be serious in nature.
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