Personal Grooming Marketing

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Propose a type of message appeal to be used in the advertising, making sure to explain the rationale behind the appeal. Personal grooming products consist of deodorant, shaving cream, hair trimmers, skin care and cologne to name a few. Personal care products is aimed specifically at men, which accounts for $4 billion in our current retail industry. The advertising vehicle to be used is through television and digital marketing .Men want to be perceived as technically well informed, strong and healthy and well groomed. The proposed opening message would project a scrawny or over weight fellow who has poor grooming habits and smells bad. His hair would be long and unkempt and wearing a beard that has never been trimmed. Displaying unkempt hair and obvious body order with an old flip cell phone and beautiful women would either ignore or shun this person all together. It is clear this person is a loser but if he utilizes our personal care products, he will immediately become clean-shaven, trimmed, and stylish with the latest smart phone, clean and up to date clothes and clearly smelling good by the reactions of those nearby. His transformation is so great it appears as though he is a movie star indicated by his increased charisma. This becomes obvious because he has beautiful women surrounding him giving him clear indications that he desires them and he has the approvals of males by them admiring the women who want to be in his company. Men in the age ranges of 18 to 35 have a very strong sense of health and style that affects their self-esteem. Most in this group have a sports or music celebrity they admire which defines for them what it means to be a man. The message of a scrawny or an overweight male with poor grooming models wh... ... middle of paper ... James, J. (n.d.). African American Male Psyche. Retrieved from Reaching Black Consumers: Koyen, J. (2012, March 11). The Truth about Hispanic Consumers. Retrieved from Ad Week: Learning Case Studies - OLd Spice Response Campaign. (2011). Retrieved from D&AD: O'Sullivan, A., Sheffrin, S., & Perez, S. (2014). Survey of economics: Principles, applications, and tools. Saddle River: Pearson-Prentice Hall. Schaefer, R. (n.d.). Men's Personal Care Products. Retrieved from Small Business Development Center Network:

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