Personal Goals: My Dream To Become A Soccer Player

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As a child, I had always imagined myself being a Professional Soccer Player. I played soccer every day either in parks, on the grass or turf, with friends in the street or on any concrete floor where I could kick the ball and work on my dribbling and passing skills. I found myself forfeiting my food funds to buy a game ticket. My favorite team while growing up is Arsenal F.C, it’s a team located in North London which is highly recognized by their unique and fascinating style of play. Growing up in Nigeria makes my dream to become a soccer player a little difficult, because there are not a lot platform that promotes young athletes achieve their dream. On the other hand, my parents which I was hoping that they will guide me towards my dream,…show more content…
My dream to become a soccer player is gradually diminishing and at this point, I have had various dreams about my future; such as becoming a college professor, a doctor, and an engineer. I discovered my passion for engineering when I was in high school, I had good grades in mathematics, physics and technology classes. The fact that my dad is an electrical engineer, plus he’s making a lot of money at that point reinforced my interest in becoming an engineer. After high school, I got admitted into a local college in Nigeria, where I decided to study Civil Engineering. I chose Civil Engineering because of my interests and passion in building, bridges and road constructions. Throughout my time studying Civil Engineering, I took a lot of engineering classes such as Strength of Material, Fluid mechanics, Safety management along with others. Not only that I found these classes very absorbing, I got the chance to do some practical work. I worked on a project titled ‘effect of different curing methods on concrete block”. In this project, I tested the compressive strength of concrete blocks using two different curing methods -covering the concrete blocks with polyethylene membrane and the wetting method of
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