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I feel a bit lost if I do not need to go to school weekly, and I cannot believe that only 4 credits short of finishing my MSA degree. I have been enjoying the learning process that enables me to interact with professors and my classmates for the past year and a half. This is one of the milestones that encourage me continually keep my hard efforts to reach my goal, being a CPA. To be clear, my goal has never been changed. I have been paying massive action toward to the CPA exams. I am currently working for a small tax firm which allows me to learn the tax knowledge the most. I have been looking for a better return on my investment while I becoming more proficient in my competency area. Moving forward continuously, I know that the date just right …show more content…

I stunned about hearing the unexpected answer. There were so much going on in my brain at the second because I have never closely touch with the guy people in my real life. I did realize that I have to keep myself calm to make sure the person who share he/her personal life with me feel respectful enough. I was so glad that she did not realize any bad reflection on my body language. I smile at her: “She is very pretty, and thank you for sharing.” I walk out of her desk after went through the rest of pictures with her, and I make sure that she enjoyed very much the conversation with me. As I approaching my last courses, I would like to be a master of the listener through learning more diversity of culture from different groups. I want to able to handle all kind of situation that I am in. It’s always a good idea to leave hopeful and optimistic even if I cannot find a solution to the …show more content…

Becoming a CPA is just one of the milestones that have a good start in my professional career. The improving of the skill set is the key work that ensures the continence of my success in the long run. I measure the level of skill development necessary through the feedbacks from my colleagues and clients, plus the self-assess that I evaluate myself that every situation I came across. I believe that these are the right paths for me to grow and improve by satisfying the needs of the people rounded me because I understand that the work environment isn’t only about me, and it is all about

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they feel lost if they do not need to go to school weekly, and they cannot believe that only 4 credits short of finishing their msa degree.
  • Explains that they have been treating each class equally by absorbing the core value of the class at least.
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