Personal Experience Of IKEA: My Experience At Ikea

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As I walked around IKEA, I examined the different products and the prices that came along with them. Everything is very reasonably priced and relatively affordable for the average customer. Throughout my experience in IKEA, I was very confused on why and how their prices are so low but thankfully, at the end of this adventure, I found a sign on the wall by the exit that explained exactly this. This sign explained how the IKEA designers find clever ways to create high quality furniture that people can afford. This also explained that the reason they make so many of everything is because by producing in bulk, the store gets huge discounts from the makers and allow IKEA to sell it at lower prices. I doubt many people actually take the time to read this sign but it gives a great explanation for people who question how their prices are so low.…show more content…
Finding my way around the massive store was more difficult because there were really no employees to help me out. It was difficult to find the exit and this made me feel like I was trapped in this store and I would never be able to get out. The company tried to make up for this lack of employees with a number of different things. They laid down hundreds of big black arrows on the floor in hopes of guiding customers on an efficient path throughout the store. Though this could be helpful, not all customers want to take the same path so it is sort of useless in that sense. Another thing that attempts to make up for absence of workers is the stands is the stands scattered around. Each stand has a map of both levels of the store, pointing out where you are in relation to the rest of IKEA. In addition to this big
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