Personal Experience: Narranthians Fables

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If this rumored Witcher group was real I suppose we’d be there female counter part with a cross between the legionnaires’ Archon race, more so on the Witcher’s side of thing. Augmented to be perfect in almost every way, but unlike witchers we can produce and bear children; a select few of us, my report of fertility came back as a unclear, so in y case only fate and destiny will tell. I am Synthyche (Sin-they-shay) Adamme (Adam-may) the cold. I am called the cold because I am unfeeling, according to most. There are instances in my story that will make you see the same, I hold no bias to those to who think this, it makes me smile ever so slightly. We are taken at birth and Augmented to be a better and faster race of killers and avengers, some of us can sex a man to death, it has only happened about five times within a 10 year period. I however have abstained from the act of intercourse, to hold in my more of my power. It is said if we have intercourse we loose some of our powers. But that was only rumors and scuttlebutts, and frankly our group likes it that way for the false details about us because then it surprises our enemies. I like to surprise the enemy. All females of the Whittaker Society or group whichever, most just say beware the Wittaker’s because they will take your wit. The people we come across in battle are usually just ignorant bandits, highwaymen and women, and witless monsters. So taking of wit is rather hard if they did not have any in the first place. Battles with those indigenous creatures and persons are the easiest. If I had to pick a creature thats not boring it would have to be an Elder Dragon. Older dragons that have been alive for a couple thousands of years makes them wise, and some can even speak in elv... ... middle of paper ... ...ur local towns between and in a 50 mile radius of the castle Sinnoir. We bake some breads with meat, and vegetables, cheese, and herbs. And pass them out sometimes, sometimes even boiled eggs and the likes when the girls are hard at work. They usually bake for one month strait, and take a break while we pass out the goods we donate, sometimes on very slim chances we get exotic fruit, like oranges, limes, coconuts, and many others. We are portrayed as monster and monster slayers, yet we do so much for the community more then the local royalty and government does, thats just me excogitating as usual, oh sorry I mean i was thinking out loud. Villagers and town folks only want to believe what they believe except for our few faithful followers, adorers and friends, and such. However we all know how people go they are and they aren't, one day to the next, Like all things.

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