Personal Experience: My First Day At High School

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First days are always nerve racking, whether it is the first day back-to-school or the first day at an incipient job, but nothing is more terrifying than your first day of high school. I attended high school in Philadelphia at a charter school; then I peregrinate to Florida the second semester of my freshman year. Despite the challenges I faced in the commencement, the overall outcome of my freshman year was outstanding.
It was Christmas break, the last time I marched out of the old, soot-streaked building that was my high school. I recollect that day well since it was probably one the most momentous moments of my life. The other students streamed gleefully out the door to jumpstart their holidays, their ineluctable return in the a fortnight seeming distant. Unlike them, I wasn’t ever coming back. I had taken a second to evoke at the school and let myself embrace the consequentiality of that moment. I was moving, in the very middle of my freshman year, and I had felt as if my life would never be identically
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I met a more preponderant variety of people in a single classroom in high school than I did in my entire school vocation. I have met people with long hair, short hair, ebony hair, and purple hair. I have met people with different religions, and others with no religion at all. I have met people who are two years ahead of everyone else, and others who are two years behind. There are jocks, musicians, bookworms, and others with intrigues outside the school, but no one is judged for that; people can be whoever they optate to be. I admit, all this liberation of expression was inundating to me, but concurrently, it was refreshing. Meeting so many different students, and additionally edifiers, with so many different intrigues made me that much more fascinated with meeting more people. For this reason, I will never regret the decision I have made in attending a public high

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