Personal Experience: My Experience With Math In High School

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I’ve had my ups and downs with math. My first impression of it was good, but when middle school happened, I came to dislike it. Going into high school, I had no idea what is was going to be like when it came to math. I asked myself the questions, “Was it going to be hard?” or “What are my teachers going to be like?” The answer was that I liked math in high school. It was explained better, and the teachers were fair and reasonable. I came to enjoy it again. College came, and the first math I took was very fun. It was the first time I looked forward to coming to a math class. Basically you never knew what was going to happen until you got to class. It was fun and the teacher was engaging and spirited. My experience with math was initially good,…show more content…
The teachers didn’t do the greatest job with teaching and presenting the material. There seemed to be a favoritism too in 5th grade. Mrs. Goodwin would treat the girls more fairly, and have more patience with them. For us guys she had little patience. The homework we had was spawn upon us, and didn’t make sense half the time too. In 7th grade, I had this teacher named Mrs. Desessa who taught math pretty good. When she got mad though, she would take her anger out on us. Say if one student didn’t turn his homework in, she would take it out on all of us who turned our homework in. Overall, I feared coming to that class. I always felt some tension in the classroom, which isn’t good in trying to make students understand and enjoy math. 8th grade year wasn’t fun either. I had Mrs. Goodwin again and she did the same things that she did before. The class though was better and I understood a lot more. I’m more of a visual learner. When teachers draw things on the board, it helps me to understand how it looks better. I remember doing computer exercises during that time. First in Math was a program we did that reinforced our skills. At first I wasn’t so crazy for it, but in time I realized that it taught me more then what was taught in the classroom. That helped me get through middle school and junior high

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