Personal Experience: My Experience To Being A Student Friend

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During the last few weeks, I have participated in “Student Friend”, a community service that let me be a close friend of an elementary student’s. Every Monday noon, I, Shuto, Brittany and Gunnard carpooled to Greencastle Elementary School. This school is pretty close to our DePauw campus, so it usually takes only 15 minutes to get there. The school is large and spacious and divided into different areas. Inside there are plenty of rooms such as dining rooms, living rooms and entertainment rooms. There are also some big bulletin boards for the lists of well-behaved children, which are similar to children’s badges in Vietnam. Our job is quite simple: the teachers assign one student to each of us, then we chat with them and play with them during 30 minutes. After 30 minutes sharp, we are required to leave immediately because our students have other things to do in the afternoon. We then can participate next week. My student is a third grader named Logan. He is so friendly and hyperactive. He invited me to play monopoly at the first time we met. I was supposed to introduce myself first, but he was so chatty that he took over my role. He comprehensively introduced his full name and his family, including his father’s name, his mother’s name, his grandfather’s name and the fact that…show more content…
While we were playing, a middle-aged white woman came into the library. She seemed to be a teacher or a parent. She looked at me playing with Logan and suddenly smiled. I smiled back. When she left, Logan asked, “Is she your mom?” Oh my goodness! “Bro you forget my intro again! I am a college student. My hometown is in Vietnam, and I cannot visit my mom until the next summer!” I emphasized every word. Logan apologized and then he laughed out loud. So did I. Honestly, I am not sure whether he will ask me the same type of questions the next time I see him!

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