Personal Experience: Masquerade Maddness

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In my premature days, I was known by two names. Jane was what I was called by my tutors. And Amelia was famous within the scullery maids. I was what you call a countess or a lady who had countless maids and servants waiting on foot every minute of every day. Wherever I went, from a young age, I was adored – not just for my looks but for the way I came across to everyone: beggars, orphans, widows, commoners’ dukes and most importantly Queen Victoria herself. I must say the Queen thought of me as a darling and occasionally invited me to her balls that fell every fall.

I was no stranger to social gatherings, but for some peculiar reason I didn’t want to go. Something was erroneous. The stars weren’t shining down on me. And Jupiter wasn’t aligned with Saturn. I didn’t want to go, but had no choice in the matter as her ‘royal’ highness clearly invited me and wanted to be in my superior presence. But time was running out... I knew I had to make a decision. I knew I couldn’t decline. I knew I shouldn’t decline. And I knew that I wouldn’t decline.

One minute was left till 12 o’clock (midnight on the 23rd November- the moment of truth, when every eye would fall on me). I quickly checked my reflection, whilst I was waiting ever so patiently, in the carriage that accompanied me to the palace. My heavily embroidered handmade gown (made from silk and fully covered in diamonds) sat perfectly on my body. My reticule was equipped containing my most cherished possession- my fan, which was handcrafted by the finest fan makers in all of London.

I rechecked my reflection.

I froze. I gasped. And I smiled.

I looked back at my attire and thought ‘I would never exchange this for anything in the world’.

It was perfect from the moment I set...

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...s where I once felt constant joy, happiness yet a tinge of remote sadness. The tinge of remote sadness that I felt caused a lot of pain which meant that I began to experience many unusual problems notwithstanding the many problems that I had already endured throughout the day.

The Gods aren’t with me...I thought to myself as I drifted off into an eternal sleep full of embarrassment, false show; pretence all because of a certain masquerade-ball' class='brand-secondary'>masquerade ball.

However, these problems- the eternal sleep- meant one thing. One thing that caused chaos; chaos meant that my life was soon over and my perfect reputation would be destroyed forever.

My life was good as over, just as I drifted off into a world that made no sense and was filled with nothing, but total darkness and desolation.

I drifted off into a world where there was no Amelia or Jane and definitely no Queen Victoria.

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