Personal Experience: Dreams are not Illegal

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As a country we have continued to grow, becoming more diverse and allowing acceptance to change, but still struggle to allow each other to express our own beliefs without the hardship of each others opinions. Growing up with Hispanic students in my classes since kindergarten there were nothing more than good friends and a fellow classmate. Becoming close to a Hispanic student, I soon learned that this person does not have the same opportunity as me to continue their post secondary education. An undocumented student cannot receive financial help with federal funding, but being a documented student, I'm able to sign up for Financial Aid and all my education is paid for because of my family's income. The government will not allow my fellow classmate to continue their education and have the same opportunity of success because of not having documentation of being an American citizen. This classmate of mine, who has worked just as hard as me or not, harder to graduate and learn cannot continue their education because of finances. As a majority of students who are undocumented are from...
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