Personal Evaluation of My Faith

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Assessment Paper
As an image bearer of God this assessment is an evaluation my faith and spiritual development while learning to function as a believer in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This personal assessment is essential in the strengthen and development of witnessing for Jesus and spreading the gospel through effective ministries to win souls for Christ. This course gives the essential strength of one’s faith that is paramount in creating a spiritual foundation of becoming an effective Christian. Psalms 95:6 states “Come let us bow down in worship, and let us kneel before our Lord our maker “(The Holy Bible, NIV 2010). A person’s faith starts with a single act based on personal beliefs and trust in the teaching and words of Jesus Christ. As a leader in the Church and military the development of my personal faith is important in evaluating the spirituality and personal convictions of an individual person that is willing to save souls for Christ.
The foundation of this course and reading Estep’s text has allowed me to develop a deeper connection with God by integrating dee...
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