Personal Ethics In The Nursing Code Of Ethics

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Ethics Paper
When I think about personal ethics I think about what is morally right or wrong. What has influenced me are the people and circumstances that have been a part of my life. My parents have had a major influence on my personal ethics, my father in particular. I can remember him working hard, sometimes two full time jobs at the same time. Him telling me “hard work is good for a person, always do your best.” So in my own life I have always worked hard from cleaning the house to pulling weeds in the garden. Like he said hard work is good for you.
My father was also was a fair and honest man. When it came to my sister and myself he would listen to us, then decide what punishment we would receive. He would always tell us why we were being
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The Golden Rule is certainly put into action here. Treat others as you would want to be treated. With each interaction of a patient from walking into the room to doing a procedure I try to treat them the way I would want to be treated. We forget due to our need to see the next patient to slow down and make a connection by simply smiling or touching their hand. This is a basic human action, one that we can all work on to become more proficient at.
Let us now look at the Nursing Code of Ethics, the most widely known fundamental principle is to respect human dignity. Sounds simple to treat each patient with respect but this goes a little deeper. We are talking about human rights of each patient. This is a show of mercy, by quickly going about our job to elevate pain by simply giving pain
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One that I feel has an impact on patients and nurses alike. It is the staffing inadequacies that we have come to live with in nursing. Due to the staffing issues we are unable to meet our own ethical standards and have placed our patients in harm’s way. Nurses are pushed to do more with less. They are expected to give excellence care when in reality they are fortunate to make it through a shift without making a mistake. Due to my own concern dealing with staffing issues I have recently changed jobs to be within a unionized hospital so that I would have guideline set forth to help with this problem. My job is patient care, I want to know that when I leave after my 12 hour shift that I have made an impact. That I have touched a life, that I have made a difference. I know that if I use the guidelines mentioned above I can make a
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