Personal Essay: The Three Most Important Things In My Life

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My personal Statement The three most Important things in my life Have you ever dreaded the fact that you are going to college in a few months? Do you get nervous even thinking about college? Are you afraid that you won’t get in? Are you telling yourself that it won’t happen? Don’t be afraid of starting a new chapter in your life, because you will find what you’ll good at. College is scary for everyone when they first apply, or start their first day of school. People can be afraid to leave their home, because that’s where they have been for eighteen years. The fact of it is, you don’t have to fear the fact that you are doing something good in your life. The three most important things in my life, are family, learning, and getting a degree.…show more content…
My family has cheered me on, since day one, and I can’t imagine them not supporting me while I am in college. We may go through some rough times, but we always get through it. My family is my main focus in life, I am always worrying about them in many ways, but to know that they are okay makes me a better student. My family is important to me, because a life without them would be terrible. They are always helping me through situations, whether it’s with friends, teacher, and money worries. I have a great family, and to have them cheering me on while working and going to school is one of the biggest accomplishments that I could have. They are always telling me to do what I need to do, to be a better student, and that makes it easier for me to work hard. The reason why my family is important to me, is not because of their support, but the family I have has gone through so many tragic things, and we have gotten through them. My family is strong, and can make it through anything. For example, when my brother was diagnosed with cancer, he walked into that hospital room, scared and now he is about to come out of that room fearless. When my dad left us about eight years ago, and left us with no money, my mom had worked as hard as she could to put food on the table. My family is the most important thing in my life, whether I am in school, out of school, or working to make them proud.…show more content…
I want to be able to have a job I love, and make decent money so that one day I can support myself, and maybe a family. I have contemplated the career choice I have wanted to do over and over. The fact is, if I can make it through college into the real world my life will be complete. I will be able to help children in many ways that others can’t. College is very important to me. I want to be accepted by a college that wants to accept me. Then I will feel more entitled to get my degree there. Having the hopes, and dreams of becoming a social worker has always been my top priority. The degree is the main reason why people go to college, and I want to be able to meet new friends, have a whole new life while studying in college. The truth is my focus has always been what everyone else wants, now it’s on what I want, and that is to get a degree. Obviously, getting a degree is one incredible thing for me to
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