Personal Essay: The Purpose Of Personal Branding

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A personal brand on the sheet is accepting myself for who I really am, and in that, I need to help other remember its importance. Just like in life, the purpose of personal branding is a marketing strategy focused on you. To develop a personal brand, it requires me to figure out who I really am, what is important to me, how I differ from other people and things I am passionate about. Having a personal brand also allows me to live authentically because a great brand is always honest, you can’t fake your way into a good life. The first step in the personal branding process is to spend time figuring out who I really am and what I want from my life.
When writing this essay, I viewed this step as the hardest of them all, because how can you describe yourself without really knowing
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I sincerely believe that I have the strong character that is needed in to meet the demands of being a leader and inspiring others. The ambitions I hold in my life that lead me to strive for my goals will help inspire the other members of the Boys and Girls Club around the United States. I started drawing when I was in elementary school and since that first time my pencil touched the paper, I felt excited and saw opportunities for future creations everywhere. I weirdly feel inspired at the early times of the day and stay up until 3:00 am drawing one piece of art. Art is my passion for the very reason that it lets me express myself through the strokes of my brushes. I am lucky to have art as my talent, I know this is a given skill that has to be practiced and shared with others. I look and study the pieces of art by great masters or national artists, paying attention to traces of strokes and I evolve my skills. I would love to teach, others how to nourish their art skills and one day hope for a career in the field of fine
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