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“Two men looked up from the iron window. One saw the mud, and the other saw the stars. Life is a mirror, you smile, it also smiles; you cry, it also cries.” (Thackeray) “It depends on how we look at them.” (Morton) Emotional intelligence is the ability for one to monitor their emotions and use information about those emotions to guide one’s thoughts and behaviors.
One of my emotional intelligence is self-regulation, the ability to control the emotion rather than the emotion-controlling my behaviors. Accept the fact that I can't change, and don't waste time dwelling on things that can't be changed, including what has happened. Living in the present day, I will only focus on what is in front of me, and in this situation, my mind and body will
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When I can't let go of the fact that you can't change, it's easy to get into negative emotions. However, when I focus only on the present day, I don't think about anything else. In addition, eating breakfast seems a very common thing, but it should not be ignored, since it gives a person a kind of satisfaction, the most important meal of the three meals a day is the breakfast, the ancient’s reason: "the day is in the morning." I will also make a habit of exercising often to adjust myself to be happy. Another habit is to stop complaining, just stop letting my emotions go, pile up the mountains that can't climb, no longer magnify your worries, and stop feeding those emotions with complaints. Then, I'll find that your moments of bad emotions are getting smaller and smaller and that I’m feeling more and more positive. Therefore, active action can not only dispel the fear of the heart but also dispel negative emotions. I could often put a smile on the face, besides letting my mood change well, still can pass good mood to others, and is a kill two ways. Regardless of my current mood, I will have a sense of peace in your heart, as long as I am thankful for the people, things, and things around me.
Each of the five skills of emotional intelligence plays an important role in contributing me to a better citizen. Self-awareness is the ability to identify the emotion and

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