Personal Essay On Companionship

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I believe in companionship. It’s the feeling that you have someone, and they have you, in any and all pursuits. It’s the idea that you’re stronger with another person, more capable, and more resilient. It’s knowing that you aren’t by yourself in this world. Companionship is true friendship that goes a step beyond; it encompasses ideas of brotherhood and togetherness that the word “friendship” just doesn’t express. Companionship can develop between people fighting the same battles, suffering from the same ailments, physical or otherwise, or even between people who have nobody else, for something as simple as this can serve as common ground for the basis of companionship. This is how I met my best friend, one of the truest companions I have…show more content…
In times like these, emotions like fear and anxiety can wash you away like an enormous tidal wave, and having a true companion serves as a solid rock to keep you grounded. A time like this came in my life when my father passed away. I felt more scared and confused and alone than I ever had before in my life. I felt as if I was the only one who understood how I felt, and there no point in talking to anyone about it because I felt that nobody could comprehend my grief. That was until I realized that my brothers were going through the exact same thing. They felt alone, they felt like nobody would understand, and they felt like it was only them who felt overwhelmed by these emotions. I realized that I could talk to them, and it was as if they were a second voice in my head, the same thoughts of confusion, fear, and loneliness that were eating me up inside were affecting them too. This deep empathetical connection, the shared understanding we had, was more than just friendship. It was more than sharing common interests or going to the same school, this was on a deeper level. The bond that we had together made me strong, it kept me going through the darkest times, and it is a prime example of what companionship truly
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