Personal Essay: My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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My Personal Philosophy of Nursing Nurses are responsible for life long care, continuing education, and accountability for the practice in nursing. Philosophy of nursing is what I believe to be true about nursing, and provides a basis for the profession. Without reflecting on the philosophic system within the components of nursing, patient care may generate from false generalizations. This can lead to unwarranted conclusions. This type of thinking can compromise patient trust and quality of care. Personal philosophy The environment around us shapes our method of thinking, and can be influenced by morals, ethics, and values. My values, and ethics have been established over the years as a member of the Armed Forces. As a future nurse, I will be working with other healthcare providers, and caring for patients with a wide array of cultural differences. According to Careful Nursing, n.d., philosophy that guides nursing can be viewed as the nature and inherent dignity of the human person, infinite transcendent reality in life processes, and health as human flourishing. As a soldier, I was guided by the seven Army values, and feel they will be a guiding principle for me as a young nurse. Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage are the seven Army values. Selfless…show more content…
For example, bad health can force a person to retire (Merriam-Webster," n.d.). In the nursing profession, I feel nurses both restore health, and promote health. Restoring health in a traditional sense would be a nurse aiding a patient with light exercises following shoulder surgery. A nurse can also restore health by ensuring patient’s understand their medications, and know how to use them safely. Health promotion would be education about exercise, smoking, and diet in relation with hypertension, diabetes, and heart
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