Personal Essay: My Passion And Interest In Athletic Training

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My initial interest in the field of Athletic Training did not occur from a moment of enlightenment or an epiphany. Instead, my passion for Athletic Training was sparked from a combination of small, but significant occurrences that slowly proved I was intended to be a Certified Athletic Trainer. My experience in athletics began when I was very young. As a child, I participated in ballet, tae kwon do, basketball, tee-ball, and any other sport my parents could get me involved in. Despite all the sports my parents had me try, I was never exceptionally talented in any, but I remained involved in sport because I had such a strong feeling of belonging within athletics. It was not until my sophomore year of high school until I truly understood my place in sport.…show more content…
My intention with this course was simply to satisfy a health education graduation requirement, but soon after the class began, I fell in love with learning all about the human body, and how to take care of it. In addition to being enthralled with the class, I grasped the content effortlessly, and was one of the top students in my class. As the weeks went on, my passion and interest in athletic training grew stronger, and I realized this was the profession I wanted to pursue.
I remained in the sports medicine program throughout high school, and every year, I became more and more dedicated to becoming an athletic trainer. The reasons I wanted to become an athletic trainer were simple; I took pride in taking care of athletes, I loved learning about the prevention, and management of athletic injuries, but most importantly, I finally found where I belonged in sport. The idea of becoming an athletic trainer just felt right. That was until I discovered another profession I fell in love with: physical

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