Personal Essay: My Love And Love In My Life

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There are many things I enjoy doing the most in my life. The top things I enjoy the most in my life are: spending time with my husband and kids, date night, girls night out, running, spin class, spa days, vacation, the beach, shopping, work, and sleeping. My favorite thing I enjoy the most is spending time with my children. I enjoy this because they bring me such joy, and make me laugh. They are very young and have such cute, and honest personalities. I hold my family very close to my heart, and they bring me the most joy. My husband and I dedicate one night a month to date night. When we had our second baby, the nurse told my husband that he needed to plan one night out a month. She explained it is good for your marriage, helps keeps it healthy,…show more content…
I want to continue to eat healthy, teach my kids to eat healthy and make healthy food choices. Teach my children how important it is to always get time outside, even if it just a quick walk to the mailbox. I would like to expose both of my children to physical activities, and allow them to experience different types. My goal this winter is to take my son to the mountains to learn how to ski for his first time. My goal for my daughter this spring is to start dance classes, something we can do together.
Spiritual: I want to maintain my beliefs, enhance them, and pass them along to my children. Starting this Thanksgiving I would like to start taking the kids to church for each holiday. Next year I would like to start attending church, and have my children in Sunday school. I want them to develop a relationship with God, and begin building on their relationship with the Lord. I would like to pass along the beliefs I have learned from my Grandma reading me the bible
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To improve our communication, maintain date night once a month, and to make our marriage the best we can do. To support each other, and help each other achieve our personal goals.
Financial: My first and most important financial goal is to be able to pay for both of my children’s college tuition. I had to pay for my own college, and I would like to be able to do this for them. I would like to continue to take our yearly vacation together as a family. It is important to maintain financially stability.
Hobbies: Hobbies are where my husband and I both need to work on. We have both given up many hobbies since we have become parents. I would like to enjoy one hobby at least once a week, some of these hobbies would include: running, snowboarding, or scrapbooking. I would like to allow time for my husband to enjoy one hobby a week. My husband and I should make each others hobbies a priority, it allows for us to be a better parents, and a better
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