Personal Essay: My Favorite People Ever

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My favorite people ever My mom has to be best person in my life. Like I 'm so thankful for God to have had blessed me with a mother like her. Even though me and her argue a lot due to fact we are the same person. She is still the best. The simple fact that she is very intelligent and challenges me to reach my fullest potential in everything I do. By making me read every day, work every day, and never spoiling me not one bit. She taught me and still is today that the hard work you put in now, you will be awarded later on in life. She has worked none stopped to provide and support me and brother since the beginning. She just is an incredible person due to the fact she puts family before her own self. She rather feed me and my brother and let…show more content…
That has been my right hand man since we was little. I remember so many times , me trying by to be just like him in everything. I wanted to dress just like him, look better than him, and talk like him. He always pushed me academically and athletically, we none stopped competed constantly to be the best out of one another. And I won 't even lie he beat me academic wise but he had nothing on me when it came to athletics. But what made him so special was the fact that he been through worse things than me but he still overcame obstacles. He has proven that he can achieve more than anyone else in our family. Especially all the pressure on him for being successful and not being a nothing screw up like the rest some of our family members. But he choice the successful route, so he could give me a chance to not be equal as him but to be better than him. And also have someone to be look at to be successful. This is the reason why I respect him and love my brother a…show more content…
They are truly the best. Everyone of my cousins literally have the same personalities. So having everybody being the same can be chaotic or fun as ever. With me and my mom it is just either chaotic sometimes or good sometimes. But when me and my cousins get together , it is the best thing ever. Now if your sad or even got a lot on your mind and don 't want to be bothered. Being with them will change that in a heartbeat. They can make your day brighter , talk to you about anything , and make you just have a great time. I love them very much , they make me have a positive outlook on everything. Which in life you desperately need especially me
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