Personal Essay: My Dearest Daughter

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My dearest Daughter, When I was a little girl playing with my dolls I always had a dream that I would be a mother. A good mother to a little girl that looked like me. I would daydream about how she would have my eyes and my golden blonde hair, she would be athletic and act like me. I always told myself that I would make sure she was happy and never wanted for anything. She would never cry herself to sleep, feel deep despair or know uncertainty as she grows into a woman. I would be there for her and show her how to be strong, fun, driven, loyal and dedicated. When she looked into my eyes she would know that I loved her with a fierceness that could never be compared. This was always my dream. As a child and teenager I wanted so badly to be close to my mother. She was the type of mother who always pushed me away, never had the time to spend with me. To her, I was a jail sentence and she was just awaiting her reprieve. She was biding her time until she was free as a bird and could spread her wings.…show more content…
I started working in law enforcement threw myself into my job hoping to fill the void that had formed. I ended up meeting a man that I worked with that made me smile. He was funny, patient and kind. He made me his priority and soon he was mine as well. He was the first person to show me real, true happiness and most of all LOVE. After we were married I found out I was pregnant. I was scared, worried and had trepidations about how I would turn into my mother. He looked at me one day and told me that I was full of love and I would be a wonderful mother. I thought for a long time about the type of mother I wanted to be and remembered my dreams as a child and young girl. The type of little girl I wanted and the mother I wanted to be. The day I found out I was having a little girl my heart was soaring. I was getting my
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