Personal Development Plan Essay: My Personal Growth Plan

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My Personal Growth Plan
Being a reformer relates heavily to my schema, unrelenting standards. The reason I need to be an investigator is because I always want to make the best decision for everyone in everything that I do. Things need to be positive, balanced, and I need to do things honestly and with integrity. My decisions needs to be based on objective and measurable factors, and I try to push emotions to the side because those are subjective and often unreliable. Since everything was on my shoulders as a child, I feel like it still is as an adult. Once I learn that something needs to be fixed, I want to start to make changes immediately in order to grow. I expect that if other people truly care or are passionate about something that they
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I have taken this topic to heart and I am refusing to give up on it. My plan to slowly start developing a long lasting change with in my life and incorporate these goals into my life, as opposed to just working the steps for the class. My first goal to work on setting up ways to receive love, compassion, care and help from those that are in my life. I started to communicate what my needs are to my partner, and we are going to spend this weekend building on what each of our needs are and how those needs can be best met. He also brought up the 5 languages of love and how those play into our needs. Thankfully we ‘speak’ similar languages, so that makes this process a little bit easier to work through. I took the steps communicating some of these needs to me friends and family and started to have important conversation about how they can best point things out to me or help me in different situations. These has been an ongoing process that I am exciting to continue. I used to feel that my communication skills were good, but once I started bringing my needs into the picture, I realized how much of a block that was for me and how much of myself I was holding…show more content…
This is the goal that I feel like I still need to make the more progress in. Being mindful is the hardest aspect for me because it is not something that I can just do, it is there very essence of being. Which, is something that I always admit to struggling with. Mindfulness reading is something that has been exponentially helpful to me. My reading speed has increased and I have been able to stay focused for longer periods of time. I am able to get more done in shorter periods of time, which opens my schedule up to be social. Dancing, walking, engaging in flow art, and eating are all things that I have started to use mindfulness in. The intrapersonal communication class that I was taking at the same time helped me to acknowledge some of my thoughts and feelings in my body as well. I have started to become more in tuned with how I am feeling and allowing myself work through it at a faster rate. The only thing that has made mindfulness truly difficult to follow through with is my depression, and I honestly feel once I am finished with this semester, this class on physical and sexual abuse of children will no longer be hindering my health. For someone that has been abused, this is not something that I want to be mindful of. Despite that I have been trying to maintain it the best to my
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