Personal Cultural Values

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Conventionally most businesses and personal ethics target the important segments throughout people 's lives. As we all know personally and business always entwines at some point of time in life. Morality is something that we all have to apply in our lives. To do so we must be true to ourselves and know how to place the right from the wrongs so we can be equal. In business morality is easy in my eyes, it 's simplicity, yes or no, right or wrong. But when it comes to our lives it 's hard to apply morality due to always wanting our lives to go right without problems. The road people chose have to support their personal, cultural, and perhaps directing. This essay explains how personal, business, and cultural mores play important parts in decision…show more content…
Tangri (2003) adds that although management and employees may agree on a particular value such as integrity, both parties may have different interpretations of what integrity entails and the time to put this value into practice. The degrees to which these values are upheld also pose as a challenge to management and employees. Although both parties may agree to these established values, employees may be faced with situations where their personal and cultural values may contradict with the degree as to which the organizational values are upheld. The main challenge here is setting priorities among the values and objectives of the organizations or the people involved. Making the best decision suitable for the situation and the people concerned requires critical analysis of the factors, values, objectives, and people involved. Another challenge occurs when emotional influences over the decision-making process, which may overshadow the importance of personal values in the process, pose as another challenge. Emmerling (2003) states that the emotions felt during the decision making process can have an effect on the number of alternatives, amount of effort people are willing to invest, and people 's willingness to take…show more content…
Decision-making involves a systematic process of evaluating benefits, losses, and facts. However, the process of decision making becomes more complex as people 's personal, cultural, and organizational values influence the choices they make. Incompatible values, on personal or professional levels, will result in conflict and ethical dilemmas. Ethical decisions can be consistently be made by aligning the facts with values and selecting the action that are best in line with personal cultural preferences,values with those of the organization 's values and objectives. Developing awareness of these values and how they play a role in the decision making process will ultimately mitigate or prevent ethical
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