Personal Communication In Social Media

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Continuing to daily use social media sites has socially isolated us. It has become common and “normal” for people to be seen constantly on their phones checking the latest news of social media. The attachments to our phones have formed introverted personifications that have changed the way we see relationships. We are dependent on social media sites to stay in touch with our friends, however, we are snooping rather than communicating. It is related to the pressure we feel we need to give into due to the fear of missing out (Fox, & Moreland, 2015, p. 168). Social media has placed unavoidable situations in our hands that we do our best to try to ignore. Unfortunately, we are fascinated with the investigation of other users’ information and how…show more content…
It also acknowledges misinterpretation of tone of voice and misrepresentation of identities. Adolescents are focusing on the false images of what social media holds rather than experiencing it for themselves. The increased psychological symptoms -particularly anxiety and stress - have attached themselves to these actions, contributing to the damage it can cause to the user without realization of it. Users have also encountered these psychological symptoms while disclosing news about important life events. Facebook users have had negative feedback when they made public bad health news, causing much stress and a decline in quality of life; the analytical study conducted by Bevan, Gomez, & Sparks (2014) addressed the way users would take responses: “the unique nature of Facebook disclosures could be detrimental to well-being both if the news is shared and if it is not shared in order to protect users or because users do not believe that their friends will respond” (p.251). The power of sharing on social media takes over our ability to express our emotions in a positive outlet, due to the obsession with who and how their friends will respond to significant, shared news. Users do not realize the destructive effects that social media has produced; An accumulation of physical and mental health problems have an easy way of interfering on the idea of social media just being a getaway to communicate with
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