Personal Choices in Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken

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Personal Choices and The Road Not Taken When I read The Road Not Taken, I thought right away of the choice I made in high school not to study foreign languages. In the poem, the speaker makes his choice in either fall or spring - when the woods are yellow. I see both these seasons as times of new beginnings. In spring, everything new is growing. In fall (at least for students) it's the start of a new school year. I made my choice one fall when a guidance director told me I was not "college material" and recommended that I drop my French class. September should have been a beginning, but I saw it as an end to my dream for college. It's only now that I can begin to think it was-in a way - a beginning, too. Dropping French was desirable because I didn't do well in languages, but taking a language was also desirable because you had to... ... middle of paper ... ...ence to her own choices in life. Her observations show that she became genuinely interested in Frost's theme and was able to appreciate his poem more fully by bringing something of herself to her reading. You may think her commentary is very different from what you have previously thought of as "literary analysis." Certainly, her ideas are expresses informally and personally, yet she has indeed "analyzed" the poem (looked at how parts of it work to create the whole).

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