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The earliest vivid memory I can recall in my lifetime of learning to read or write was in the first grade. At that point in time, I lived with my older sister and my father is a small blue duplex in Indianapolis and I attended an Academy where I was one of the few Caucasions in a school with almost all African-Americans. During the earlier stages of my life, I viewed reading as a chore, writing as a pain, and speaking as a difficulty and an embarrassment. Currently, I value reading, writing, and speaking higher than any other undertaking in school and in life. While I lived in Indianapolis, every night after dinner my father and I sat on the couch and he read to me Winnie-the-Pooh. As a curious little boy I would lean over to look at the pictures…show more content…
I had pronounced the word as “wope” and that is when my father and sister pointed out that it was not the first time I had difficulty pronouncing the letter ‘r’, especially when the letter started a word. My dad arranged for me a speech therapist. It wasn’t until I was in the fourth grade I could finally pronounce my r’s correctly and rid myself of the weekly therapy sessions with condescending speech therapists. It took many years for me to conquer my speech impediment. My aunt told me that it had to do with my tongue placement when I was born which I used as an excuse for when I would mispronounce a word. It took a conscious effort from my part to pronounce my r’s correctly even after my therapy ended. Today, it is extremely rare for me to misspeak and I no longer have to think about pronouncing my r’s. My view of speaking dramatically changed after my dad forced me to take speech class in high school. At first I was resistant and as most teenagers are, I did not like to do what I was told, but after the one-semester class was over I felt confident and enjoyed speaking publicly. My teacher was inspiring; his passion for the subject fueled my curiosity and allowed me to share his passion. My passion continues today as I am enrolled in the American Honors Fundamentals of Public Speaking (Comm)

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