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Do What You Are Assessment Personal Assessment Summary Regarding my assessment evaluation, I had to divide my result in percentages. I gave my assessment a 55% out of 100% for the entire test on accuracy with my result. I gave my personality assessment a 45% out of 100% and my occupation assessment a 10% out of 100%. The personality evaluation I do agreed on that I am reserved individual who enjoys his quiet time. I am a serious person during certain work situation. For example, I am critical in my profession on assignments accuracy and making all deadlines on time. I need to remain rational on what I am capable of in my expertise, like prioritizing and organizing my work arrangement by primacy. I prefer toward to staying balanced with my personality of seriousness and calmness. Outside of work I have my close network of friends. I am eager to chat with new people; however it acquires some time to adjust myself to new acquaintances. Organizing and being logical these are my two plan of action in my personal and work life. On my personal assessment aforementioned that I don’t like surprises or changes, I don’t mind surprises or changes I have to learn how to adapt. In my current occupation as a Contract Specialist II, one of my requirements is working with entering data into our web version database system. The system this year is will be making a significant change in the way our billing polices are accomplished and modifying the format operations of our database system. This will affect the way our agency maintains contract data and the distribution of the funding’s for our provider run programs. I am fortunate to be involved in the project together with the programmer and my co-workers learning the new database system and how... ... middle of paper ... ...icient. If I do not prepare this day to day at work I can be in worse condition with unorganized paper and send hours trying to organize paper when I need to get data into the system. My organize system might look chaotic at first glance with clutter of boxes of paper in my cubical, but it’s efficient for me. However, most of my blind-spots for negotiating seem to be off. For example, the tests results state that I may be resistant to changing the way thing I have been doing things in the past. It confusion that one came up, as a blind-spot because I can say my one strengthens is to adapt to changes. I do not mind changes, in my position I do numerous projects at work and I have to be willing to change to do thing differently. Our agency contracting process change each fiscal year for my department and adapting to changes is a learned requirement in government work.
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