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Personal Growth This semester, I am taking six classes and one lab for a total of nineteen credit hours. The classes I am taking are: English, History, Geography, Reading, Educational Psychology, and Physics with a lab. I anticipate receiving all As and two Bs; one in Physics, and one in Geography. If these are the grades I end up getting for the semester, then I should have a 3.63 GPA on the semester. I tried my best to make sure that I fully understood all the material in each of my classes and to stay on top of all my homework and class work. There were several times I would stay after class to talk to the professor about what was going on so I wouldn’t get behind. I’ve learned from past classes that if you get behind early, it is nearly impossible to catch back up. I would like to have gotten an A in the two classes I am getting a B in, but I know I did the best I could. I am actually kind of proud of the B in physics seeing as all my friends and everyone I know in the class is getting a C or D. However, I think I could have gotten an A in both Physics and Geography if I would have taken less credit hours because I could have devoted more time to each class. As a result of EDP 101 and EDP 490 I wouldn’t say I am phenomenal at self management, but I am pretty close. In EDP 101, we had to keep a yellow planner. This small thing changed my life simply because we had to turn it in every week. My planner is now my life line. It has everything from due dates, work schedules, to doctor appointments; I never miss a thing. Because I made this small adjustment, I have found myself much better at using my time wisely. I am so glad I took EDP 101 last year because balancing 19 credit hours and all the assignments that come alon... ... middle of paper ... ... a great trial run for me. I will use what I learned during this time for future reference. For example, if I am teaching something and everyone gets it wrong on a test I will have to re-evaluate myself and the way I am teaching. I may even have to find another way to teach it. I also have learned a trick that I will use with my students one day; to make side notes on what they missed and why they missed it. Sure it may take more time but some students have a fear of talking to teachers at first, so by doing this they won’t always need to talk to me, but if they feel that I am wrong with their grade they may have the courage to approach me. I really want to teach the students about the importance of keeping a planner too, not only because it helped me stay organized, but because of how much it helped me in general. I want the students to get the most out of my class.

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