Personal And Universal Values: The Definition Of Nursing

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Definition of Nursing
In today’s world nurses can operate in any of numerous professional fields. A nurse can practice independently as a practitioner, run a healthcare organization as a manager and of course, work the floor in a hospital unit. The question then not only remains, but broadens, what is nursing? The purpose here is to explain the core, universal values that create and live within every nurse. We will define key terms that help shape the definition of nursing, explore personal and professional values, and relate these values to the Regis Mission. In a sincere and industrious attempt to build an answer an exploration is needed into the grand universe of the professional
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258). All humans, including nurses, hold some type of values. In fact, Black touches on the nature of human values and describes how the process of valuing comes about. First a person must choose a value freely from all other alternatives, next they will prize the value and feel good about holding it. The final phase is when the person acts out their value publicly and consistently (p.258). Nurses can hold several values in their professional lives depending on their background and experiences. Important values a nurse should have no matter the occasion or situation are competence and…show more content…
Trust, in general paves the way for greater intimacy and thus, a greater amount of disclosure. This disclosure, in turn creates a positive feedback loop between patient and nurse. In the nurse’s honesty, she withholds no information from the patient and so the patient is able to accurately process their feeling and thoughts into a true and honest response without withholding information from the nurse. Naturally, the truer the information made available to the nurse, the more accurate an assessment will be, resulting in better treatment for the

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