Personal And Professional Ethics And Personal Ethics In Psychology

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Ethics is a set of beliefs that deal with right and wrong. It is a set of moral principles or values. Personal ethics is something that can affect every aspect of your life. These principles are not only considered by the way you act on a daily basis, but how you act on a daily basis under various circumstances. Understanding your personal ethical perspective is very important. It allows you to look at yourself in terms of your accomplishments, hopes, wants, needs, and desires.
We all deal with laws and rules that have to be followed. Some of those laws and rules may go against what a person may believe to be immoral or unjust. How we respond to those issues all play a part in our personal ethical perspective. Personal ethics factor in some
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They appear to overlap with each other at some given point and time, and can be influenced by each other. With personal ethics you can make a choice on whether you want to act morally or not. You aren’t governed by a set of rules or, regulations, or policies. With professional ethics you are governed by a set rule of regulations and/or policies.
When it comes to accountability, personal ethics is something that lies within self, whereas professionally, it would be the organizations responsibility for the accountability portion. Your personal ethics can, may, and probably will change throughout the course of a life span as a person’s experiences advance, unlike professional ethics where it most likely will be set. This is a good thing because it helps the decision making process easier to attain because of the standards you have set through personal ethics.
The APA decision making process should have a large impact that directly relates to a person utilizing more ethical behavior. The code was written to establish the way professionals conduct themselves. These rules aren’t quick fix solutions so it is vital that the practitioner familiarizes themselves with the codes, principals, standards, and all aspects of ethics (Fisher,
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My ethical awareness profile put me in the high category of character. My lease closely aligned profile was equity. I am most aligned with the virtue theory and I absolutely believe this. I try and find the good in all people. It doesn’t matter what their past is, what they have done, or how they live. It is just something that I have done for many years now. I accept people as they are and try my best not to judge anyone. I have never walked in their shoes so I can’t pass judgment in them for being who they are.
I really do place the burden of responsibility on the person. I feel in all situations you should strive to be honest. It really is the best policy. I agree with the results of the character virtue. In relation to the aspirational and enforceable standards I feel I relate more to the enforceable ones. I like the idea of the standards already being set. In that way there doesn’t have to be any guessing by me personally when I am working with a client and a certain situation may come up (Fisher,
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