Personal And Professional Development As A Social Work Practitioner

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The first part of this essay will name the factors that have shaped and influenced my personal and professional development as a social work practitioner by discussing my cultural journey, moving around, being bullied and my family dynamic. It will also show how these influences connect with my practice framework, explore, and analyse the relationship between the various components of my framework. The next part of my essay will use Fook & Gardner (2007) to answer the following questions What are the gaps and contradictions between what I say I do (my practice framework) and what is implied by what i did in my video. How did I influence the situation through my presence, actions, preconceptions, or assumptions, other people 's perceptions of me, my physical well-being on the day? What words or language patters have I used? What do these indicate about the way I am constructing the situation? In addition, what assumptions are implicit in my account and where do they come from? The final part of this essay will look at a critique about how I have considered the ethical and social justice issues surrounding the role-play. The video part of my assignment is the start of clip seven until 15 minutes has elapsed. I also must note that due to camera issues the last 10 minutes of my role- play was lost and therefore, my role- play finishes mid- sentence. I come from a blended family of where I am the youngest by about four years. My Mum had two daughters from her first marriage and then had me years later. My Mum met my step-dad when I was one and he had three children from another marriage. Although, I have many siblings from the age of five onwards I was bought up as an only child. I believe this has had impact on my personal self becau... ... middle of paper ... ...any issues that may occur. Being bullied during my younger years has influenced my professional development as it has made me aware of the weight and damage that words can have as well as how easily people can misinterpret what you say. My experiences made me realise that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of people who felt as though they did not have a voice (Wilks, 2012). This created an interest in advocacy from a young age. I wanted to be able to help people through their difficult times. I have always been interested in cause and effect and how things interrelate to one another, like how I did at school would affect my parents’ mood or how their day was at work. This shows Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory at the micro and meso level and how things that are out of the individual’s control could still have a huge impact of them (Harms, 2009).
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