Personal And Materialistic Obstacles Within Life

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Personal and Materialistic Obstacles Within Life No individual 's life is, nor has ever been, perfect. Everyone goes through struggles and obstacles that set them back in their life long journey. The struggles that individuals face delay ones journey to reach their goal.In his historical fiction novel Siddhartha, Herman Hesse develops this idea of obstacles in life through both spiritual and material conflicts, which still continue to plague people today, allowing the novel to remain relevant within the world. Siddhartha faces a substantial amount of spiritual conflicts. One of the most significant of these struggles was that he was unhappy with his life that he was living at home. During Siddhartha 's transition to becoming a young man, he began to find himself discontent and “that the love of his [parents and friend] would not always make him happy, give him peace, satisfy and suffice him” (5). This discontent in which Siddhartha was feeling posed as a spiritual conflict for him because though he loved his parents and his friend very much, he knew internally that it would never be enough, which must have been very difficult to acknowledge. This is a conflict that is prevalent in readers lives today because most individuals want their life for their friends and family to be enough to live a happy life, yet there will come a time where one must depart to go onto higher things in life, as did Siddhartha. Once Siddhartha left home, he sought out for teachings from the Samanas. After years as being a Samana, Siddhartha finds himself dissatisfied with what he is learning. While explaining to Govinda why he is leaving the Samanas he states “I suffer thirst, Govinda, and on this long Samana path my thirst has not grown less..I have alwa... ... middle of paper ... ...iate the important things in life. Comparing to how young Siddhartha values his possessions over his father, this projects the idea of the novel that wealth and possessions have the capability of halting or forever ending one 's journey. Obstacles such as spiritual and material conflicts in life, will forever continue to plague people today, this allows the novel Siddhartha to remain relevant within world. Nobody truly knows the direction in which they want their lives to go, and once a life choice does not go as planned it becomes an obstacle that must be overcome to continue the lifelong journey that is life. Also often times possessions can trap an individual and blind them of their ultimate goal. Overall, life will forever be filled with obstacles that can end someone 's journey to ultimate happiness or can encourage one to work even harder to achieve their goal.
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