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It’s curious how sometimes the ones with a dark past have the brightest future. Maybe it’s because surviving tough childhoods makes you stronger, and makes you realize what it’s really important or maybe it just that it can make people give value to simple things. Maybe the only solution to not let that ruin your life is seeking for what you never had. Chris McCandless was one of those kids. McCandless was incredibly intelligent and friendly and charismatic, but something about him didn’t seem to be okay. Chris McCandless was exceptional, he looked like he could achieve anything he wanted, but his past came in the way and he gave his life trying to find a meaning to it.

McCandless was referred as a very smart person for
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He was clearly trying to find something. And those who got to know him a little better, quickly noticed that something bothered him, and that something was wrong with him and his parents. He was intrigued, and at the same time kind of disgusted, by our society, why people did the things they did, and specially why his parents did and acted how they did. He wanted to find the meaning of everything, and such things like happiness that seem so simple to some and so hard to find to others. His adventure started with that, seeking for the answers to those questions. He was determined, but also stubborn and obstinate. Chris probably got these traits from his childhood, specially, from his father. Krakauer wrote this after investigating Chris’ past: “Both father and son were stubborn and high-strung. Given Walt’s need to exert control and Chris’s extravagantly independent nature, polarization was inevitable.” But an obvious example of his stubbornness is his implacable determination to go on his Alaskan adventure. McCandless was warned by many people not to go on this adventure. Jan Burred tried to stop him, Ronald Franz, Wayne Westerberg; everyone seemed to see that was not a good idea, everyone except Chris. And everyone tried to help him, give him things for his trip, but he rarely would accept anyone’s help when it came to this, he was going to do it his way. And being unprepared definitely didn’t help Chris McCandless

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