Personal Analysis And Evaluation Of The Jung's Personality Test

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First off I took the Jung personality test. The results showed that I was an ISTJ personality type. This means introvert, sensing, thinking, and judging. It showed that I was 90% inclined towards introvert, 62% sensing, 9% thinking, and 16% judging. I was not all that surprised that I was introverted considering I have always kept to myself and dealt badly with large groups of people and communicating with others as well. I was surprised I got thinking over feeling as my feelings tend to have a strong effect on me and can be overwhelming at times, but when thinking about it I do tend to try and think about my decisions before I make them rather than just acting on my feelings over anything else. The evaluation said this type has a sense of right and…show more content…
This all makes sense to me because I struggle showing emotion, and sharing my own thoughts and opinions. I tend to keep to myself and would benefit from forcing myself to be more open with those around me when a decision is needed to be made or a task needs to be completed. I scored high on the S spectrum. This means I tend to be more calm, and approach situations with a relaxed and open approach. This can be good in most instances but it does say that sometimes tasks are done more slowly, which can be a negative in some instances. The evaluation states that this score shows that I tend to be calming to those around me which can be true but only really on a one to one basis. I scored very high on the C spectrum which means I am a perfectionist who needs to have a clear picture of the end result before even beginning a project. It means I need to have controlled and accurate results while working in a constant environment with little change. Overall these assessments showed me that I need to be more open and compassionate with those around me. I need to work on sharing my opinions with those around me and being open
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