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My extensive hands-on experience and evidence of achieving results as a leader and a manager demonstrates my ability to quickly understand and learn new concepts and issues. Over the last two years I have been seconded to several different and challenging positions due to my personal drive, focus on outcomes, integrity and agility, i.e.:

- I currently manage the closure of the Australian Technical Colleges program after managing the $14.7b Building the Education Revolution (BER) IT and Communications Section. Prior to BER I managed the closure of the $1.2b Investing In Our Schools Programme (IOSP) and the $10.0m Flagpole Funding Initiative (FFI). IOSP and FFI were preceded by my tenure in managing the development and implementation of four new Government policy initiatives and three “legacy” programs and a period in the Workplace Relations Reform Taskforce working on the Transition Bill and reporting directly to the DEEWR Executive.

As an acting director in GEERS, I kept my Section running seamlessly during a time of uncertainty and upheaval due to unexpected transfer of both Branch Manager and the Director. Through leading by example, feedback, effective planning, consultation and lots of “elbow-grease”. I maintained the team morale despite tight deadlines and massive workload of development of new Operational Arrangements, a New Policy Proposal and finalising of a lapsing program review and evaluation. I received thanks from management but most importantly from my staff for my leadership with statement: “It is so nice to work for someone who sincerely appreciated us and our efforts”. Since leaving, my ex-staff proactively seek my guidance.

The successful development and implementation of the GEERS and TRA Process and Training...

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...ssures, I not only met the deadline, but negotiated a successful outcome with the portfolio agency, DEWR. My actions resulted in significant saving to the Government and the robustness of the figures stood to Senate Estimates scrutiny.

I take every opportunity to develop myself and to learn from champions and meet with my SES mentors regularly. I am a quick learner and make every effort to ensure I maintain awareness of the broader picture and have the political nous and up-to-date skills to perform to my highest potential. My personal drive is evident in my recent challenging positions and having recently completed the Executive Dimensions course for EL2s, the Advanced Diplomas in Strategic Management and Human Resources to update my BA and the DEEWR Executive Leadership Program. I also finalised the Diploma of Government in Contract Management few months ago.