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Person being interviewed: my dad, Stephen Keller 1. Q: As best as you can, describe your own school Physical Education experiences across the various school levels (ES, JH, and HS). A: In elementary school, I remember it being very fair. We pretty much did team sports like kickball. As we got older (Junior high), I always thought the teachers favored the more 'athletic kids '; me being one to always participate in sports, I felt 'slighted '. It wasn 't a positive memory. It seems the older I got, the more time they spent with the athletes. I got tired of being embarrassed in basketball; by the time I would get the ball it would be a complete disaster. Over the summer I taught myself how to play, through watching games on TV, and practicing. By the time the next school year came around, everyone seemed really impressed and in disbelief at how good I had gotten. 2. Q: How do you think the teachers could have included everyone? A: they could have explained the rules of the sports more, how many people were on certain teams and their function. For instance, baseball, what position you play and why you play that. Or even, running. For Ex. they had a physical fitness test in 5th or 6th grade, I burned myself out within the first minutes to show off; they never explained how to conserve your energy by pacing yourself. Next thing you know I 'm crossing the finish line and I was walking across it. 3. Q: Do you own a membership in a Health or Fitness club? If not, why not? A: Yes, I 've owned a membership for over 25 years. Jack LaLanne which turned into Bally 's which turned into LA Fitness. 4. Q: You 've obviously been working out for quite some time, what has been your motivation in that? A: To try not to be like grandpa and U... ... middle of paper ... ...Gyms definitely give you a false sense of accomplishing something. Hence the people who are "working out" but really aren 't accomplishing anything. 10. Q: How do you think gyms could better accommodate inexperienced members? A: By offering up the way they used to do way back (when I joined) they would give you a complimentary workout. they would literally have a trainer go with you and workout. I 've seen this more than once where people come up to me asking "how do I use this." My comment to them is "are you new here?" They typically say yes, and then I ask them if they had any kind of complimentary instructions into a workout program and how to use the machines. I 've seen probably more than ever people working out incorrectly and using machines incorrectly. It all gets back to one thing, money. They get you in the door and they say all right, onto the next one.
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