Persistent Resistant Germs

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Persistent Resistant Germs

"At the dawn of a new millennium, humanity is faced with another crisis. Formerly curable diseases... are now arrayed in the increasingly impenetrable armour of antimicrobial resistance." Director General of World Health Organization1

The statement above was made in a report on infectious diseases in 2002. It seems these days that people everywhere are getting sick and are even dying due to infectious diseases; many of which used to be easily cured by antibiotics. Since the 1950's, germs that have survived antibiotics have been a big problem. Resistant germs began to spread into communities in the 1960's and 1970's. There are many reasons as to how and why germs can spread. Some of these are: warfare, widespread malnutrition, lack of clean water, and poor sanitation.

Another main reason there is an increase of resistant germs is because of the overuse of antibiotics. These germs, which are sometimes labeled, "Super bugs", are hazardous because they make it more difficult to treat infectious diseases. Germs and other microorganisms have been...
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