Persistence is the Key!

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Persistence is the Key!
Ashok Kallarakkal, an Indian author said, “If you do not see light at the end of the tunnel, consider it an opportunity to create an opening yourself, wherever you want” (132). This particular enchanting and audacious attitude has clearly influenced Rich Cohen’s biographical novel, The Fish That Ate the Whale. The writer has mainly focused on how Samuel Zemurray was motivated to start a fruit company and grow it into an empire and portray the development of the United States. In addition, many people might believe that destiny and future of the nation is dependent upon the grandeur speech giving politicians, but the ones who are crazed and driven, have innovations and ideas, and push themselves beyond the reality are the ones who built the pillars for a promising nation. In The Fish That Ate the Whale, Cohen takes the biography of an immigrant striver, relates it with the American Renaissance, and points out the consequences of the character’s act. Although Cohen provides a boatload of perspectives for his biography of little known anti-hero, Samuel Zemurray, presenting his story as an allegory of American Capitalism and Imperialism, and often juxtaposing different races and cultures of people, a tangible story arc emerges in Zemurray regarding the hunger to establish self-identity, and obtain power.
The struggle done by Zemurray is established in the first chapter, “Green”, in which
Zemurray’s struggle for existence is described, as he does a series of odd adventurous jobs. Zemurray not only had an idea, but also had a rudimentary and unusual plan to nurse a ripe banana business:
It was life: move the fruit now or you’re ruined forever. He became a gambler by necessity-a risk taker, a salesman, a brawl...

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... the time to build up excellent portraits of intriguing human behavior i.e. how a human can have single-minded focus to move ahead with the never perishing drive and motivation, fulfill the vows one has made, and desire to remain on top of a chain. Based upon the positive aspects, Zemurray’s character has inspired me a lot. Motivation is a very important factor, which I can relate to in my everyday life, but I need to foresee what my appetite is going to lead me towards. While jumping over a hurdle, there might be a pit that follows the hurdle, and it must of paramount importance. The story supports a motivated character, but implicitly portrays that being blind to reach a certain point might not be the best option. If I were Zemurray, I would have moved on the same footsteps, but for every move I would have tried to make rehearsed and calculated decisions.
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