Periodontal Abscess Case Study

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Najla Manis Al-shahrani

Periodontal versus pulpal abscess The relationship between periodontal disease and pulpal infection occurs primarily by the intimate anatomic and vascular interactions between the pulp and the periodontium. As such, when we as dentists see these periapical lesions affecting the periodontium and the apical tissue, proper diagnosis and treatment is of utmost importance if we are to give the affected tooth a hopeful prognosis.

Abscess Definition
An abscess is an enclosed collection of liquefied tissue, known as pus, somewhere in the body. It is the result of thebody's defensive reaction to foreign material.
A periodontal abscess is a localized collection of pus within the gum, formed by
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Since periodontal disease is usually “silent” regular dental check-up is important for early detection.

When to seek help
If you have a toothache or notice evidence of an abscess on your gum, visit your dentist. Even if the abscess drains and the pain decreases, a visit to the dentist for complete treatment is crucial.


Treatment includes conventional endodontic therapy followed by conventional periodontal therapy. If the lesion is deemed too severe for treatment, the involved tooth may require extraction.
Successful treatment of a gum abscess focuses on the reduction and elimination of the source of infection. This begins with draining the abscess, which usually relieves pain and removes much of the infection. You may be prescribed antibiotics.

The periodontal abscess will not be cured unless the cause is eliminated. A Periodontist will prescribe a range of treatment from deep scaling to root planning and gum surgery to treat the gum disease. If the abscess has also affected the pulp, then the tooth will also need root canal treatment as well.

Reference - Carranza's Clinical Periodontology Expert

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