Performance Problem Analysis : Communication Issues

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Performance Problem Analysis: Communication Issues By Gloria Panhorst Webster University Presented to Paul H. Grau Jr. Organizational Behavior MNGT-5590 Fall 1, 2015 Little Rock AFB Campus, AR October 6, 2015 Performance Problem Analysis: Communication Issues “Communication problems in the workplace can cost your company productivity and money. Without efficient communication, your company is unable to exchange information essential to daily operations and create a communication network to carry new product data” (Root, n.d.). When you think about communication in the workplace, as an employee you may not think about what poor communication can cost the organization you work for. But it not only affects the productivity of the organization it can be the downfall of the organization. Without effective communication it is impossible for the organization to run smoothly and in turn be productive with their customers. So in the end ineffective communication can cause the company to completely fail. This paper will talk about communication issues I have seen in organizations I have worked for and how they had a negative impact. The paper will also explore the causes of the ineffective communication and resolutions that would turn the communication around into effective communication. Analysis of the Communication Issues When thinking back on the communication issues in the organizations I have worked for I realized that there was not just one issue but a multitude of issues in the majority of organizations. There were problems with religious barriers, as we had nurses and doctors from various ethnic backgrounds, personal problems between co-workers, lack of clarity and problems with dishonesty among employees and leaders... ... middle of paper ... able to deal with them as they arise in an effective manner. References Allan, L. (n.d.). Costs of Poor Workplace Communication. Retrieved September 27, 2015, from Lotitch, P. (2013, October 17). What is the Impact of Communication on Organizational Culture? — The Thriving Small Business. Retrieved September 27, 2015, from Root, G. (n.d.). Examples of Communication Problems in the Workplace. Retrieved September 27, 2015, from Teter, C. (n.d.). Types of Communication Problems in Organizations. Retrieved September 27, 2015, from
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