Performance Management At A High Level

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Performance is how well an individual completes a given task by taking into considerations items such as accuracy, timing, attitude, and completeness. In an organization, the manager should want the employees to be performing at a high level in order for the individual to meet or exceed the company expectations, but without a performance management system, the management would not be able to accurately make that distinction. With that being said, a manager cannot determine an individual’s level of performance without utilizing some type of performance management system. Performance management is a continuous process of identifying, measuring, and developing the performance of employees and analyzing the performance in relation to the overall strategic goals of the company (Biron, Farndale, & Paauwe, 2011). Any organization should utilize performance management in order to identify how well the employees are performing on an individual level as well as how well the employee’s performance is helping the organization reach the overall company goals. Mrs. Schulz is just now realizing that her company needs to operate more like a successful business instead of her doing all the work because it is becoming much harder. She has decided to add two employees to help her run the business in a more efficient manner, but Laura needs to make sure the employees are performing well so that the expense of the additional employees are impacting the business in a positive way instead of hurting the profit margin. In order for Laura to hire new personnel and implement a performance management system, she must determine the job duties, expectations, and the strategic goals of the company. Once these items have been thoroughly thought out and w... ... middle of paper ... ...d address areas that describe the work ethic, responsibility, and personality. Also, Laura should consider getting some reviews from customers about how well the new apprentice baker is doing creating the pastries and how well the new cashier is interacting with them. If the customers are not satisfied with the new employees, Laura should be made known of these concerns so she can address them. These are just two of the ways that Laura could analyze the performance of the newly hired employees, but the performance of the individuals must be conducted in order to see if the employees are working and performing hard enough to help achieve the overall goals of the company. If the employees are not performing well, it will hurt the reputation and overall profitability of Laura’s Sweet Stuff Bakery so a well implemented performance management system should be a priority.
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