Performance Management

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Performance Management

The performance management process provides an opportunity for the

employees and managers to discuss goals and develop plans for

achieving those goals. Therefore, communication involve between

managers and employees that they have to identify job roles and

functions related to the company objectives. They get together to

devise some performance appraisals to enhance the company overall

performance. The performance manager responsible for supervising

workforce and the group educates and develops employees’ potential in

order to improve workforce performance. Moreover, rewards is directly

Employees performance.

Essential Managing Performance to the Group

1 Explain how managing performance is a critical element in the

success of a business.

Employees need to understand their roles clearly

An effective Performance Management system is based on these concepts:

* Employees need to understand their roles clearly

* Performance may be managed

* There is a direct relationship between performance and rewards

* Employee involvement is critical to performance development

* Performance expectations must be set in advance and there must be


* Performance management requires on-going coaching, feedback and


* Performance management can be a positive experience

* Facilitate a process to establish clear role definitions and


* Create a custom Performance Management program or improve your

existing program.

* Establish the objectives of your Performance Appraisal and

Performance Management program.

* Determine your performance criteria and integrate these criteria

with your compensation systems.

* Create your evaluation format.

* Develop policies and procedures.

* Conduct training sessions for your managers and supervisors.

* Assist with the roll-out and communication of the program to your

total employee group.

How managing performance for a success of a business

To begin the process, you and the employee will collaborate on the

development of performance standards. You will develop a performance

plan that directs the employee's efforts toward achieving specific

results, to support organizational growth as well as the employee's

professional growth. Discuss goals and objectives throughout the year,

providing a framewo...

... middle of paper ...

...n you and the employee

* Help the employee attain performance objectives

* Increase employee motivation and commitment

* Maintain and increase the employee's self-esteem

* Provide support

Link of appraisal and review

Performance Appraisal

The campus carries out its mission through the individual and

collective contributions of its employees. To do their best, staff

members need to know that those contributions will be recognized and

acknowledged. Overseeing performance and providing feedback is not an

isolated event, but rather an ongoing process that takes place

throughout the year. The performance appraisal is part of that

process, and provides an excellent opportunity for you to communicate

with the employee about past performance, evaluate the employee's job

satisfaction, and make plans for the employee's future performance.

Remember that the performance appraisal summarizes the employee's

contributions over the entire appraisal period (usually one year). It

is not a step in the disciplinary process. It may occur as often as

you believe is necessary to acknowledge the employee for

accomplishments and to plan together for improved performance.
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