Adaptability and Trust: Evaluating Employee Performance

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Adaptability: RATING = 5
Anastasia, you are willing to accept feedback from your manager regarding your performance. For example, during your Performance- Improvement- Plan feedback sessions, you listen to strategies for improvement; however, you fail to incorporate this feedback to assist you in goal attainment. You consistently demonstrate that you are unreceptive to change your focus and unwilling to make an effort to conform your approach to meet all the standards of a full time District Collector.

Earning Trust: RATING= 3
Anastasia, you deal calmly and effectively with upset customers which allows you to develop rapport with customers (internal and external). In your interactions with customes you work to build and maintain successful …show more content…

As a result, you consistently fail to meet all of the established goals for the position. Your daily work habits exhibit that you are unable to manage yourself effectively. You consistently produced far below the expectations of the position. As discussed during our coaching sessions and the Performance Improvement Plan follow up discussions our standard daily productivity is 90 touches, which include calls, emails, faxes and letters. In 2016, you averaged ______ touches per day. This is far below the expectations of a full-time District Collector. Moreover, our standard unique accounts addressed per day are 72 accounts. In 2016, you achived an average _______ accounts per day, which is below our department’s standard. As such, improvement in productivity and time management is critical for you. You must implement a disciplined approach to time management throughout the entire day to produce at least 11.5 calls per hour. You are significantly behind from achieving this pace, based on a review of your daily productivity. You display a lack of commitment to become more productive. The feedback you receive about your performance is not being applied, and you do an unacceptable job of monitoring your time and incorporating previous coaching points. Effective daily time management, as well as, your ability to planning and organize for the remainder of 2016 is imperative for …show more content…

In addition, you express a desire to acquire additional skills/knowledge that will allow you to contribute to the fulfillment of the department’s mission and goals. However, your efforts reveal that you are unwilling to comply with requests to meet all departmental goals. Although you understand the most important aspects of the department's goals, strategic plans, and services, you demonstrate no desire to meet all of the departmental goals and strategy. As a result, your efforts exhibit that you are unwilling to comply with requests pertaining to departmental goals and

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