Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Not be Allowed in Sports

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Exercise Science Essay on Doping

A very long time ago the Zulu warriors from Dutch uses a superior potion that is made from the fermented grape skins to enhance their battle ability. This method is called the Dop which known as doping today. Doping enhances the athletes performance illegally, it also contradicts with fair play. Unfortunately doping can sometimes be very harmful and may endanger the athlete?s personal health status. Today doping has come to a point where it is improved by many biological techniques and this had brought the WADA (world anti-doping agency) a real problem. The WADA gives grave punishments for athletes who are tested positive for doping, and sometimes these punishments may exceed the limit or causes an injustice, false accusation, and ruin ones carrier. Therefore doping should not be allowed in any sport circumstances.

Doping, also considered as cheating is capable of enhancing the athlete?s performance and may result in different changes. It is the drug that enhances the performance and there are many different types of drugs depending on what type of sport. An example would be anabolic agents, Androgenic anabolic steroids (artificial versions of the male hormone testosterone) belong to this class and are one of the more commonly abused prohibited substances. Outside of its limited clinical use, anabolic steroids are an illegal substance for doctors to prescribe. For persons looking to increase sporting performance or to improve body image, access is obtained through a growing ?black market? which exists in health centers and gymnasiums . Other types of drugs may be stimulants, diuretics and etc. All of these drugs are capable of increasing the level of performance but it is al...

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...cements that promise a stronger pitch or faster sprint? How will sports change, if technologies like gene therapy designed to cure the sick become tools to boost performance? Can this practice be stopped and should we even try? This method of doping is very stealthy it?s also harder for the WADA to find comparing with previous ones and it?s permanent and irreversible. However it is also more dangerous, it may mutate your genes by inserting another gene, and they could damage your heart or liver. They may even make you grow hair on your tongue. Over all, anything weird could happen if a gene is mutated. Therefore this new way to cheat is not smart at all and it should not be used.

Cheating in sports it?s wide of the mark, sport should be something that is so supreme and enhances the persons health, but in this case its killed by mere worldly possessions.

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