Performance Based Planning and Programing

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Figure 1. PBPP in Traditional planning and programming processes. 2

Performance Management in Planning 2

Using a Performance Based Approach 3

Figure 2. Funding vs. Condition 4

Stakeholders and the Public 4

Goals and Objectives 5

Figure 3. National Goals 6

Figure 4. Mississippi’s Core Goals 6

Strategies and Alternatives 7

Figure 5. Overview of Performance based Planning 8

Data and Analysis 8

Figure 6. Traffic Fatalities 9

Figure 7. Performance with Congestion 10

Conclusion 10

References 12


What is Performance based planning and programming? “Performance-based planning and programming (PBPP) refers to the application of performance management principles within the planning and programming processes of transportation agencies to achieve desired performance outcomes for the multimodal transportation system (Grant, D'Ignazio, Bond, and McKeeman, 2013).” By using a method known as a 3C process (cooperative, continuing, and comprehensive) transportation agencies, stakeholders, and the public are improving on activities and products. “PBPP attempts to ensure that transportation investment decisions are made – both in long-term planning and short-term programming of projects – based on their ability to meet established goals (Grant, D'Ignazio, Bond, and McKeeman, 2013).” During the past couple of decades transportation agencies have been trying to apply “performance management” which is a strategic approach that uses performance data to support decisions to arrive at desired performance outcomes. Performance management is recognized as improving many different areas of transportation planning. Some of these areas include: improving project and program deliver, informin...

... middle of paper ... will be very useful in making the transportation fields grow immensely. With everything else evolving and growing rapidly the transportation field needs to follow suite. The PBPP process is a great way for multimodal transportation to improve in all aspects.


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