Performance Appraisal Case Study

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Performance appraisal is a process of analyzing and recording information of an employee’s performance pertaining to his or her present, and to make the employee realize how their performance has been during the rating period. It can be used as a communicating tool performance expectation to employees. I chose this topic to describe the importance of Appraising Performance in employee’s career development, managers, and to the company. Another reason is to explain the benefits of having a performance appraisal system and how this system can have a significant impact in the company. The primary reason for having a performance appraisal program is to evaluate the employees’ performance, improve the company’s morale and motivate the employees. It helps the company to identify its strength and training needs. In addition to monitoring employee’s performance, it is important that the employees understand their expected role and their functions in the company.
One of the most important benefits of having a performance appraisal system in the company is the opportunity to enhance th...
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