Perfection Is Perfect

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In many modern day Christian teachings there is an emphasis on the individual to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and be perfect. If human beings are able to be perfect then they are following the Christian path correctly and are able to reach salvation. Many Christians would question where or not it is possible to be as perfect as Jesus. Is it possible to be like Jesus? Is it possible to be perfect? Follow the teachings of the Lord, do not lie, do not steal, do not cheat, do not hurt others…do not sin and you will be perfect. Sound easy enough, but if it is as easy as it sounds, then why does the question “Is it possible to be perfect?” continue to surface. That is because sin is hard to avoid, and sinning is easy. It is an apparent theme that human beings sin, and if human beings sins then they are not perfect, and if they are not perfect how are they able to reach salvation according to modern day teachings? I am going to argue that according to two ancient texts, The Gospel of Mary and the Didache, that perfection is not what really matters in following the Christian path but the effort is what really matters.
From the Gospel of Mary, we can see that a person is not defined by their sin but by their ability to overcome, an effort to stick to the words of the Lord to overcome sin. Mary states that
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Both texts show that there is not a need to be perfect, but places emphasis on the effort to be. Salvation is obtainable to those who try to follow the teachings of the Lord in both texts. There is no need for perfection in order follow in the path of Christianity. Is it possible to be like Jesus? Is it possible to be perfect? The answer is no, even the disciples had to overcome their imperfections, and that is okay because as long as a person

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